Fabletics Flash Sale! 7/22/15

Hey guys, a little birdie told me Fabletics is having their first ever flash sale tomorrow.  And it’s good.  Real good.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Fabletics by now.  If not, here’s a brief synopsis. Fabletics is a subscription based service where you can pick or skip a new workout outfit at the beginning of each month. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, their clothing consists of cute fitness outfits and athleisure wear for a reasonable price.  I’ve purchased items for running, hiking, yoga, and walking my dog in the park.

For all their outfit purchases, Fabletics offers free shipping and returns, which is pretty much a requirement for me when I order things online.  They have a perfect fit guarantee on their products, so if you end up with the wrong size it’s a simple exchange process.  Their quantities are limited, however, so you have to make up your mind fairly quickly to make sure you get the size you want.

I’ll be doing a regular (at least once-monthly) review series on their outfits, as I am admittedly hooked on their clothing.  Look out for the first one coming your way tomorrow!

I do not work for nor am I affiliated with Fabletics in any way.  However, this post does contain links that, if you click and decide to purchase an outfit, will fuel my Fabletics habit.  😉