10k Training Week 4: Push it Good

Looking back, I can’t believe four weeks have already gone by since I started training for my 10k race!  I’ve accomplished a lot in that time period, and I still have two thirds of my plan left.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to rock the Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis 10k.

Run 1:  3 miles @ 11:21 min/mi pace

My first run of the week was great!  My Saturday rest day combined with an easy walk on Sunday made my legs feel really fresh, so I decided to push myself to see what I could do.  I ended up running 1.5 miles, walking for a few minutes, and running the remaining 1+ mile.  Three miles in 34:04!  That turned out to be an average 11:21 min/mi pace, my fastest pace to date!  It was a great run, and I felt extremely accomplished.

Run 2:  3.01 miles @ 11:25 min/mi pace

After my stellar performance on Monday I decided to try and push my endurance a little bit more on Wednesday.  I went a little  slower and ran two continuous miles!  I walked for a few minutes, then finished out my three miles strong.  Another great run, another great feeling!  Running two miles was a little tougher for me, so I definitely had to play some mind games with myself.  I told myself I would run for a mile, then another five minutes.  Since I was almost to two miles I needed to go for it, I told myself.  Sometimes that’s what you have to do.

Run 3:  4.01 miles @ 11:03 min/mi pace

My long run of the week was incredible.  The theme of the week seemed to be endurance, and I couldn’t let myself down on my last run.  I ran all four miles without any walk breaks and averaged my fastest time yet!  What an amazing feeling – I’ve never run four miles straight without any walk breaks.  I know I’m going to reach my goal of running my entire 10k in two months, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue my training!


I continued with my yoga practice this week as well.  Tuesday was all about stretching out running muscles, while Thursday was full of deep stretches.  It was just what I needed.  I can definitely tell that yoga has helped the performance of my muscles, and I intend on keeping it up.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more yoga into my weekly routine but haven’t been too successful so far.  Four weeks of running and yoga has been great to me.

Samantha or Sam's 10k Training Week 4 Progress
Pace is on the left, while run number is on the bottom

Here’s a cool little graph I’ve been keeping with my min/mi pace.  I’ve normalized the times so they don’t include any warm up or cool down walks.  My Friday runs are consistently my fastest runs, while I seem to take things easier on Wednesdays.  While it seems silly, seeing this information laid out makes me that much more excited about running!  My progress has been better than I imagined after only a month.

I’m very proud of myself.


10k Training Week 3: Throw Your Schedule Out the Window

Samantha or Sam's 10k Training Recap Week 3

A few weeks ago I began my 10k journey.  I created my own 10k training plan using Jeff Galloway and Jenny Hadfield 10k guides as my inspiration.  It’s been three weeks of training now and I haven’t managed to follow my own plan for even one week yet!  I could give all the excuses, but it comes down to two things:

  1. It’s too hot to run outside
  2. I’m lazy

Since I can’t seem to get four runs in during the week, I’m going to tweak my training plan.  I’m only going to require three runs per week, with my Sunday run optional.  If I don’t run on Sunday I’ll still have to do at least 30 minutes of cardio, but I’m tired of beating myself up over not getting all my runs in.  I’ll be shifting most of my long runs to Friday, which is my favorite day to hang out in the gym.

My runs this week all felt really good.  My 4 mile run on Friday was awesome!  After my warmup I ran one mile/walked five minutes three times, hitting the four mile mark.  I was disgustingly sweaty after I was finished, but I felt great.  I’m not worried about my 10k at all.  I’ve got two more months of training; I’m going to kick ass!

Week 3 Training Breakdown

10k Training Recap Week 3

Samantha or Sam's 10k Training Plan Version 2

The Personalized 10k Running Plan

Today I’ll be talking about my running plan, AKA listening to people who actually know what they’re talking about to train for a 10k.  😀

Well, mostly listening.

When I first started out as a runner I followed Cool Running’s Couch to 5k Program.  It was great at first.  Lots of walking, a little running – how could that be bad?  Once I got up to running five minutes, eight minutes, oh God no 20 minutes at a time I gave up.

A few years later I started running again.  I would listen to my body and run when I wanted to, walk when I felt like I was going to throw up.  As you can imagine, that didn’t last very well either.

This time around I actually did some research to figure out what plan was best for me.  With my goal firmly in mind I began to scour the internet for the perfect running plan.  Did I find it?  Well, no.  Unless I wanted to shell out some cash for a running coach, I was going to have to tailor someone’s plan to my fitness levels.  I decided to combine two 10k plans together to create my perfect running plan.


Plan 1:  Jeff Galloway’s 10k Training Plan

I’ve heard really fantastic things about Jeff Galloway.  His approach to running is a run/walk method.  He suggests walking before you get tired, which I think is a really great way to go about running.  It’s very easy to get burned out of running as a beginner when you try to go too hard too fast.  It’s something I’ve experienced multiple times, unfortunately.  Incorporating walking before you need to walk is an effective way to maintain strength and energy throughout the entire run.

His 10k plan is 13 weeks with only three runs per week.  13 weeks is the longest training plan I’ve seen, but most seem to do four runs per week, so that accounts for the difference.  He also includes three days of strength training/cross training, with one rest day every week before the long run.  Jeff Galloway’s 10k plan is definitely one that will set runners up for success.

10k Training Schedule
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 walk or XT run 20-25 min walk or XT run 20-25 min walk or XT off 2 miles
2 walk or XT run 20-25 min walk or XT run 20-25 min walk or XT off 2 miles
3 walk or XT run 25-30 min walk or XT run 25-30 min walk or XT off 3 miles
4 walk or XT run 25-30 min walk or XT run 25-30 min walk or XT off 4 miles
5 walk or XT run 30-35 min walk or XT run 30-35 min walk or XT off 4 miles or 5K
6 walk or XT run 30-35 min walk or XT run 30-35 min walk or XT off 5 miles
7 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 5 miles or 5K
8 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 6 miles
9 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 6 miles or 5K
10 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 7 miles
11 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 3.5 miles
12 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 4 miles or 5K
13 walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT run 30-45 min walk or XT off 10K Race

Plan 2:  Jenny Hadfield’s 10k Training Plan

Jenny Hadfield actually has several different 10k plans.  She has a 10k walk plan, multiple level 10k run walk plans, and a few 10k run plans for beginner – advanced levels.  I’ll be using the 10k run-walk, which is geared towards first time 10k runners and injury prevention.

Jenny Hadfield’s training plans have more structure than Jeff Galloway, which is something I’m interested in trying.  Her plan is 10 weeks long with three runs per week the first three weeks, moving to four runs on weeks four – nine.  Jenny Hadfield’s runs are all longer time-wise than Jeff Galloway’s 10k training plan, and she includes two days of strength training/cross training each week instead of three.

Jenny Hadfield 10k Run-Walk***

Jeff Galloway and Jenny Hadfield both have exceptional training plans, but they aren’t quite what I need.  I’ve taken the best of both plans and personalized them for myself.  Here’s my plan:

10k-training-plan For reference, I have a base of 4 miles with a 12 min/mile average long run speed (slow runner in the house).  You’ll likely see me updating the plan as I go.  The most important thing to do with any kind of exercise is listen to your body.  If this plan ends up being too intense (or not challenging enough) I’ll certainly be making tweaks.