I’m notorious about starting things and not following through with them.  The first iteration of this blog (now deleted) is a good example of my propensity towards fickleness.  When I realized I actually enjoyed running and wanted to keep it up, I knew I needed a goal to keep myself in check.

When used correctly, a goal can be a great tool.  As a naturally competitive person, goals give me something to focus my energy towards.  For me, running is a deeply personal expedition.  I’m not worried about being the best, I just want to be my best.  Translating all this into a feasible running goal was a very simple task.  I’ve participated in several 5k races, and the last one I ran was the first one I actually ran the whole time!  This was an astounding feat to me, but it also meant I could do better.  The next step up from a 5k is, of course, a 10k.  I knew what I wanted to do:  Run a 10k race the entire time.

Goals, while a great tool, can also be intimidating and highly daunting.  I wanted as much time as possible to get in race shape and make sure there was no doubt in my mind that I could run this sucker without stopping.  Hence, I knew I needed to find a 10k in the fall to have adequate time to (over)prepare.

Enter The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race!  This race, which offers a 1 mile fun run, 5k, 10k, and half marathon, takes place on October 11th.  Perfect timing, literally, with a date over three months away.  I knew I had found my race.  The GO! St. Louis races are supposed to be the best in the area:  fun, well-ran, and with a lot of participation.  The cost is fairly reasonable for a 10k, a t-shirt and finishers medal are included in the price, and this race has a costume contest!  It’s easy to get excited about this race, which makes this an even better goal to work towards.  For more information visit their website.

Sometimes setting a goal can be a difficult thing to do.  The best way I’ve found is to know exactly what you want to accomplish.  I wanted to keep running and challenge myself, hence the 10k goal was born.