August 2015 Fabletics Review

*Update*  To read my review about the outfits I purchased from Fabletics in August, click here!

Hi everyone,

I had intended to have my review written for the pieces I purchased from the Fabletics August collection last week, but it’s going to be postponed a little longer.  Unfortunately, although I purchased the awesome Stash graffiti print salar crop the day the collection was released, they ran out of my size (and everyone else’s).  I didn’t find out until I emailed customer service yesterday asking for a status on my order.  Yes folks, it had been ten days and they never bothered to tell me my order couldn’t be fulfilled.  I had ordered a second outfit and a top and those were never sent either.  I had to cancel my order and reorder something else.

While I’m excited about the new wave print this month, I am extremely disappointed with the customer service of Fabletics.  I decided to write a separate post about this rather than let it color my review of the actual outfits I ended up ordering, which I am very excited about.  As much as I love the athleisure wear Fabletics has to offer, I am completely appalled by their lack of customer service.

A Fabletics brick and mortar store will be opening in the St. Louis Galleria in October, and I hope their customer service game has stepped up by then.  In a few months I’ll let you all know, and I hope it I’ll have good news to report.

I do not work for nor am I affiliated with Fabletics in any way.  However, this post does contain referral links that can fuel my Fabletics habit.  😉

Not sure what Fabletics is?  Click here to get the scoop.