Fabletics: How Well do they Hold Up?

I’ve written about my Fabletics obsession several times in the past.  Cute, affordable athletic wear?  Yes, please!  The only thing I was worried about was the long term quality.  Now that I’ve been a subscriber for nearly a year I can share my knowledge about Fabletics with everyone else who worries about whether or not it seems like a deal that’s too good to be true.

First of all, the Salar leggings and capris are amazing.  The fabric is thick, durable, and versatile – I use mine for yoga and cool weather running.  I have printed and plain patterns, and I will say the printed stuff does wear out a little bit quicker.  The knees on my favorite capris are worn from yoga, which I noticed after only three months.  The rest of my leggings and capris look almost new, and wear them nearly as much.  I haven’t purchased Salar crops, but I did try them on in the store, and they were a lot thinner, so be wary there.  The Catalina crop I have is really nice, however.

The high impact sports bras are far superior to the low impact ones in terms of quality and, obviously, support.  Medium impact is hit or miss, depending on the fabric.  I absolutely love the Joliet and Cope sports bras, but the rest have kind of been a bust.  I’ve already had to toss the ones I purchased early on in my Fabletics adventure.  In terms of usefulness as a sports bra, low impact ones are pretty worthless for me.  Medium support are great for around the house/quick grocery runs.  I use high impact for anything athletic I do (basically running and yoga).

“Performance” tops, made with athletic material, are pretty much the only ones worth buying.  I’ve had to throw out all the cute cotton tops I bought because they shrunk in the wash (and I didn’t even dry them).  Fabletics just came out with some new athletic tanks, which I haven’t tried yet, but I can definitely recommend their long sleeved athletic shirts.  Don’t bother with the Oula tank, it pills like nobody’s business.

In the same vein as their worthless cotton tops, I’ve been pretty unhappy with the cotton bottoms I’ve purchased.  I have a few pair of joggers that aren’t athletic material and they’re no longer, well, long.  Super comfortable?  Totally.  But they are shorter than I would prefer.  Fabletics cotton bottoms are superior to their cotton tops and don’t seem to shrink in the wash, but I never put them in the dryer anymore.  Air drying athleisure wear seems a little much, no?

All in all I would recommend the performance/athletic Fabletics pieces.  They hold up pretty well, and for the price you can’t really beat them.  Stay away from their cotton tops at all costs; they’re thin and don’t hold up.  Their athleisure sweats (tops and bottoms) are thicker and nicer, but I’m still not sure they’re worth the price tag.

TL;DR Stick to the athletic version of Fabletics clothing and you probably won’t regret it.  Anything else?  Purchase at your own risk.

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.


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