2016 Goals

After I finished my 10k in October I was listless.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my running, so I didn’t do anything at all.  That’s not to say I stopped running, but I cut back significantly since I had no drive.  To me it seems like most people who get into running continue doing longer, more difficult races.  I was not – and am still not – interested in the next race distance after a 10k, which would be a half marathon.  It’s not to say I never want to run one, but right now I’m not interested in running for two and a half hours in one go.  That’s a lot of running that I’m just not ready to do.

Since my running was very sporadic I knew I needed some kind of challenge to keep my fitness up.  I usually run three miles three times a week, and my annual average for 2015 was about 30 miles/month, although I didn’t start running again until mid-March.  30 miles/month running three miles each time averaged out to 10 runs, which was more than doable for me!  I had  my goal!  30 miles/month would challenge me to run continuously throughout the month, but it wasn’t an unreasonable or overwhelming amount.

January proved a little difficult, so I did have to kick up my running in the second half of the month.  February is going really well, and I feel really great – and exciting – about running again.



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