10k Training Week 8: Feeling Good

Last week was my eighth week of 10k training, which means I’ve 2/3 of the way there!  I’ve been away from the blog for a while; here’s what I’ve been up to exercise-wise:

10k Training Plan Weeks 5-8

I only have a month left until my 10k, which seems really soon and really far away at the same time.  I’ve done really well with my running and am quite proud of myself.  I’ve followed my running plan (haven’t skipped any runs!), and my pace has been consistent with an upward trend.  I’ve had a few bad runs, but the overwhelming majority have left me feeling fantastic.

Samantha or Sam Post-5 Mile Run
Post-5 Mile Run Exhaustion/Bliss

With four weeks to go until my race I’m getting slightly nervous.  I think I may have overdone the how many weeks I needed to train – eight weeks probably would have been enough.  That being said, running is a huge mental game for me.  My legs are a lot stronger than I ever expected – I just need to make sure I remember that!

Samantha or Sam's 10k Training:  Week 8 Overview


4 thoughts on “10k Training Week 8: Feeling Good

  1. A month will be over before you know looks like you have put in a lot of hard work! How did you decide what training plan you like and what’s works best for you? I’ve been looking at a few plans just to keep me consistent. any advice?

    • Thank you! I was able to figure out what was best for me through a lot of trial and error. I knew couch 2 5k wasn’t working for me – I tired and failed many times with working my way up to running for such a long period of time. I started running as far as I can until I needed a break and realized listening to my body was the best way to go. I think Jeff Galloway has it right with the “walk before you’re tired” method. Running, for me, has always been more of a mental game than a physical game. Does that help at all?

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