10k Training Week 1: Balance

My first 10k training week was all about balance.  This weekend I experienced how tough balancing fitness plans and a social life really is.  You see, in the year that I’ve lived in St. Louis I haven’t had the best luck with making friends.  This weekend we had some college friends from out-of-town stay with us for a wedding they were attending.  Additionally, after my husband’s bicycle race we hung out (and drank lots of beer) with some of his new friends.  I had a great time, but I ended up skipping my Sunday run this week.  I failed at finding balance this week.

I already have a difficult time motivating myself to run on Sundays.  During the week I run on my lunch break, but I’ve always felt like weekends are for lounging and friends.  This mindset is obviously going to have to change.  Skipping this week’s Sunday run is okay since it was only a two miles and I have a decent base, but I’m going to have to be more dedicated in the future.  I can already tell finding balance between fitness and friends is going to be an ongoing struggle.

Despite my failure this week I am more excited than ever about my upcoming 10k.  Life is going to get in the way no matter what, and I still squeezed in my week day runs without issue.  I have some weekends coming up where I’ll be out-of-town, and I’ll be able to prepare for running interruptions by tweaking my schedule just a little bit.

Speaking of being out-of-town, I managed to double book myself over my race weekend!  I was initially quite upset about this, but was able to find a different 10k to run the next weekend.  Instead of the GO! St. Louis Halloween 10k I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis 10k.  While I’m not quite as enthusiastic about my new race (no Halloween costumes!), I know it will be a good time.  I’ve done several events in the Rock ‘n’ Roll series before, and will just have to wait until next year to run in the GO! St. Louis Halloween race.

Week 1 Training Breakdown



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