July 2015 Fabletics Review: Corfu Capri, Dijon Tee, and Malindi Bra

Hello friends!

In my last post I told you about the Fabletics Flash Sale going on today!  There are some great deals, namely $15 yoga leggings and tops for under $10!  It is a serious steal.  I snagged up some great deals, because you can really never have too much workout gear, right?

I also promised a Fabletics review for you all!  And here it is!  This will be part of a monthly series, as I am a Fabletics addict.  Adorable, comfortable athletic wear at a price I can afford?  Yeah, pretty awesome.

In this post I’ll be reviewing three separate pieces:  The Corfu Capri, the Dijon Tee, and the Malindi Bra

Dog Walking Never Looked so Stylish
Corfu Capri in Action

The Fabletics Cofru Capri is one of my favorite pieces.  It takes your basic black capri length legging and adds some interest with a twist of liquid black fabric around each side.  I love to wear these for yoga and running.  The sweat wicking material is fantastic, even for an ultra sweaty runner like myself.  They have a place in the front to tuck a key in, and I can even fit my phone halfway into it in a jam!

Corfu Capri
Getting my OM on in the Dijon Tee

The Fabletics Dijon Tee is very comfortable.  The should area is mesh, while the rest is solid.  This top comes in black or white.  It definitely runs large, but it’s supposed to.  I ordered my usual size and definitely have plenty of room in it.  I love wearing this tee around the house or for a run.  Since it’s large it’s pretty breezy, and any sweat won’t stick the cloth to you.

Dijon Tee
Adorable Malindi Bra

The Fabletics Malindi Bra is adorable.  It has a cute cutout in the front and a twist on the back.  This is a medium intensity bra, so running is definitely a no go.  However, this works fine for yoga or any kind of stretching.  I found this bra to run large.  I ordered according to my size on the size chart, but had to exchange for a smaller size once I received it and realized I had zero support.

Malindi Bra

I loved my picks for July, and am already getting excited about August, even with today’s Flash Sale to tide me over!


I do not work for nor am I affiliated with Fabletics in any way.  However, this post does contain links that, if you click and decide to purchase an outfit, will fuel my Fabletics habit.  😉

Fabletics is a subscription based service where you can pick or skip a new workout outfit at the beginning of each month. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, their clothing consists of cute fitness outfits and athleisure wear for a reasonable price.  I’ve purchased items for running, hiking, yoga, and walking my dog in the park.

For all their outfit purchases, Fabletics offers free shipping and returns, which is pretty much a requirement for me when I order things online.  They have a perfect fit guarantee on their products, so if you end up with the wrong size it’s a simple exchange process.  Their quantities are limited, however, so you have to make up your mind fairly quickly to make sure you get the size you want.

I do not work for nor am I affiliated with Fabletics in any way.  However, this post does contain links that, if you click and decide to purchase an outfit, will fuel my Fabletics habit.  😉


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